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  • What Are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices?
    Cold pressed juices protect and preserve the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, being that there is no heat involved in extracting the juice. That means you get to enjoy 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients from the 3 to 5 lbs of fruits and vegetables found in each bottle. Other benefits include: Low in calories, high in vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals (antioxidants) and fiber Allows faster & more efficient absorption of nutrients that may boost the immune system Easily absorb by the digestive system and floods the body with micronutrients Promote healthy eating habits
  • What Makes FPJ Different from Commercially Sold Juices?
    Full Press Juciery maintains authencity and integrity by adding no sugars, chemicals or pressure in making our cold pressed juices. Only 100% of fruits and vegtables are used from local sources where possible without any use of additives or juice concentrates. We do not heat (i.e. “cook” the drink at 250 degrees), our juices which would leave very little nutrionational value. Our juices are created by a team consisting of a Chef, Nutritionist, and Medical Professionals to make sure that Full Press Juicery provides cold pressed juices that gives our customers the best of taste and quality.
  • How Does FPJ Make Their Juices?
    Full Press Juicery takes several pounds of locally sourced fresh fruit & vegetables and places it under thousands pounds of pressure utilizing a cold pressure machine. Our cold-pressed juices have no water, preservatives or sugar added.
  • How Long Do FPJ Cold Pressed Juices Last?
    Our cold pressed juices maintain their freshness up to 5 days.
  • What About the Fiber?
    Juicing is the process that extracts most of the insoluble fiber out of the fruit and vegetables while the soluble fiber remains. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool, helps to keep the bowels regular, fills you up and speeds up the passage of food through the digestive tract. Soluble fiber absorbs water like a sponge and provides bulking matter that acts as a prebiotic to support good bacterial growth and digestive health. It also regulates blood sugar control, lowers blood cholesterol and slows the transit of food through the digestive tract and helps fill you up.This is the type of fiber that is still present in the juice.
  • Why Drink Fruits and Vegetables When I Can Just Eat Them?
    The full benefit of cold pressed juices is experienced in a diet consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables. Thus Full Press Juicery encourages everyone to eat and drink their fruits and vegetables. The best thing about juicing is that it is the simplest way to get in your daily recommended amount of fruits and vegtables. Also, it can be a great way to enjoy fruits and vegetables that most would not likely eat. For example, you could count on one hand the number of people who eat beets but BIG Juicy has surprised many as being a Beet Juice they truly enjoy.
  • Should I Drink Cold Pressed Juices If I Have...
    Those with certain health conditions are still able to enjoy cold pressed juices Looking for a heart healthy juice that could help manage blood pressure: Sunset, Pink Passion, and BIG Juicy Looking for a juice that could help to regulate blood sugar levels: All Green, Bright N' Up and Rejuvenate. Depending upon how well your controlled your diabetes is Sunset, Pink Passion, and BIG Juicy should be consumed in moderation Looking for a juice that could help lower and maintain good cholestrol levels: All Green, Bright"n Up, BIG Juicy, Sunset, Pink Passion, and Rejuvenate
  • Refund, Cancellation, and Return Policies"
    At Full Press Juicery, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, best tasting product. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we want to know. We pride ourselves in our consistency and freshness of product, although we try to be perfect, sometimes mistakes may happen. Our return policy is simple, provide us with a picture of the order you received, if there are missing juices, bottles are damaged or you received the wrong order we will need documentation in order to process the refund or schedule you for another Juice Pick Up. If it is in fact a Full Press Juicery error, we will gladly replace the product at no cost to you. Please note, all refund or exchange requests will need to be submitted to Customer Service within 24 hours after the juice order was received. Freshness Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the taste of the juices purchased, you will need to contact Customer Service within 24 hours of picking up your juice order, with detailed information on why you were not satisfied with our product. Depending on the feedback received, we may not be able to provide a full refund. Cancellations: Cancellation requests for pre-orders placed need to be submitted to Customer Service right away. A 24 hour notice is in place for all pre-orders submitted. If the cancellation is outside of the 24 hour window, Customer Service may not be able to guarantee the cancellation or issue a full refund.
  • Why Do Most People Decide to Participate in a Juice Cleanse?
    We recommend you speak with your healthcare professional before or after starting a juice cleanse if you have any ailments or illness that warrant close follow up or monitoring. With busy schedules, lifestyles and the vast convenience of processed fast foods it can be very challenging to maintain optimal health and well-balanced lifestyle. When we drink juice from fruits and vegetables rather than eat them, it gives our digestive system a break and allows our bodies to easily absorb the flood of nutrients we intake. This break provides the body time to focus on restoring itself and flushing out stubborn toxins and waste. Our bodies have the power to heal themselves, if given a chance to do so.
  • What Are Some Common Benefits from Foing a Juice Cleanse?
    1. Give the digestive system a rest 2. Jump-start weight loss and healthy eating habits 3. Purge body of toxin 4. Rehydrate to improve energy and skin tone 5. Reduce chronic inflammation 6. Help the immune system
  • What is the Difference Between a 1-Day or 3-Day Juice Cleanse?
    1 Day This is a great introduction to the idea of cleansing as well as a great way to maintain the benefits of a longer juice cleanse. Do this once a month, before a big date, or after a little too much indulging and you’ll feel the difference. 3 Days A three day juice cleanse eliminates toxins, bolsters your immune system, boosts energy, clears your skin and helps you get glowing, stimulates weight loss, and addresses many basic gastrointestinal imbalances. This address many common health concerns such as having a high-stress lifestyle or eating fast/processed foods.
  • How Can One Prepare Themselves Before Starting a Juice Cleanse?
    Unless you are doing a one-day cleanse, you will want to prepare your body to maximize the outcome for your juice cleanse. However, for a multi-day cleanse, you will want to consider the recommendations below. If you jump right into the cleanse from an unhealthy diet, you could feel sick from the detox symptoms and may not want to continue. Two to four (2-4) days prior: Transition unhealthy meals out of your diet and replace them with more raw vegetables and fruit, baked or grill fish and chicken. Eat smaller portions than usual, eating only enough to satisfy your hunger. Incorporate regular, non-strenuous exercise into your routine. Drink plenty of water (at least 2-3 liters/day) which aids flushing out toxins and refrain from drinking alcohol or coffee
  • How Should I Store the Bottles?
    They should be refrigerated at all times and consumed cold.
  • Will I Need to Be Close to a Restroom?
    Not totally true. Most people do not see any changes in their frequency or urgency.
  • How Often Does One Drink the Juices Throughout the Day During the Juice Cleanse?
    How often does one drink the juices throughout the day during the juice cleanse? Aim to drink a juice every 2 to 2.5 hours, 6 juices a day might sound a lot but space them out over a 12-hour period and your body will thank you. Not drinking all your juice can leave you feeling hungry and can result in a drop in your blood sugar, which will leave you feeling lethargic and may give you a headache. Incorporate warm lemon water, it promotes the digestive cleansing process and consider including herbal tea. During the cleanse, eating raw nuts, fruit, and vegetables are acceptable should you feel light headed or hunger pains.
  • What If I am Hungry During My Cleanse?
    If 6 bottles a day is not enough for you, try eating raw fruit and/or vegetables. If you are still hungry, try a handful of raw unsalted nuts.
  • What is Normally Done After One Finishes the Juice Cleanse?
    After you finish your cleanse, celebrate! The key to remain successful is introducing light foods, soups minimize meat, no refined sugar, dairy or wheat and if possible incorporate organic based products. You do not want to stress or tax your digestive system by eating heavy foods right away. Keep up your fluids, drinking plenty of water (at least 2-3 liters/day) and consider taking pro-biotics.
  • How Do I Maintain My Results?
    Avoid dairy, grains, and alcohol as much as possible. Try to pack each meal with as many fruits and/or vegetables as you can.
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