Why do most people decide to participate in a juice cleanse?

With busy schedules, lifestyles and the vast convenience of processed fast foods it can be very challenging to maintain optimal health and well-balanced lifestyle.  When we drink juice from fruits and vegetables rather than eat them, it gives our digestive system a break and allows our bodies to easily absorb the flood of nutrients we intake. This break provides the body time to focus on restoring itself and flushing out stubborn toxins and waste. Our bodies have the power to heal themselves, if given a chance to do so.


What are some common benefits from doing a juice cleanse?

  • Give the digestive system a rest
  • Jump-start weight loss and healthy eating habits
  • Purge body of toxin
  • Rehydrate to improve energy and skin tone
  • Reduce chronic inflammation
  • Help the immune system


How can one prepare themselves before starting a juice cleanse?

Unless you are doing a one-day cleanse, you will want to prepare your body to maximize the outcome for your juice cleanse. However, for a multi-day cleanse, you will want to consider the recommendations below. If you jump right into a cleanse from an unhealthy diet, you could feel sick from the detox symptoms and may not want to continue.